Alexandra Adami x Morpho + Luna ‘Dreamscape Series’

Introducing the “Dreamscape” series, a mesmerizing collaboration between Alexandra Adami and Morpho + Luna.

Upon first encountering Alexandra Adami’s work, I was immediately struck by her unique and evocative approach to photography. Her mastery in the use of colour is both intentional and emotive, drawing in the viewer and guiding their emotional journey. Her themes often explore nature, femininity, and ethereal beauty, imbued with a sense of surprise and mystery. I was captivated by her talent and the ability to transport me into a dreamlike state.

In collaboration with Morpho + Luna, Alexandra brings her distinctive style marked by vibrant colours and surreal elements. This partnership is a celebration of dreams, ‘realities in waiting’, akin to a butterfly’s metamorphosis. It transports us into mesmerizing tableaus that transcend the ordinary, inviting us into a different universe.

The series spans from the serene “Winter Dreamscapes” to the dynamic “Milan Dreamscapes,” showcasing the breadth of Adami’s artistic vision alongside Morpho + Luna’s versatile pieces. This collaboration is a journey from tranquil snow-capped scenes to the rich, textured urban sophistication of Milan, encouraging exploration of the beauty in the worlds around and within us.

Alexandra Adami’s photography is distinguished by her artful and unpredictable incorporation of whimsical elements. These items, though seemingly disparate, are masterfully used to add layers of depth and intrigue to her compositions. Golden balloons float with a carefree elegance, their reflective surfaces catching light and drawing the eye, sometimes concealing, sometimes accentuating, but always enhancing the mystique. A silver crocodile introduces an element of the surreal, its metallic sheen and unexpected presence in the scenes creates a striking visual metaphor that challenges and delights the viewer. A humble pillowcase, often overlooked in everyday life, is transformed under Adami’s lens into a symbol of comfort and creativity, its fabric and folds contributing to the narrative of each image. Together, these elements showcase Adami’s unique ability to blend the ordinary with the fantastical, inviting viewers into a world where the familiar becomes extraordinary, and the mundane is reimagined as magical.

Likely to resonate with those who appreciate the fusion of art and fashion, Adami’s work elevates our creations beyond fashion items to wearable art. Her strong visual narratives bring a new dimension to the collaboration.

We invite you to join us in embracing the “Winter Dreamscape Series”, an adventure into the realms of beauty and art. It’s a narrative woven through Alexandra Adami’s transformative lens, seeing the world not just as it is, but for its potential wonders.

Cécile Gavazzi – Founder and Creative Director Morpho + Luna

Prints are available upon request.
Instagram: Morphoandluna